Blue PSU Type Plastic Muffler

Item No.: PSU-06/PSU-08/PSU-10/PSU-15-Blue
Air Mufflers,Exhuasting mufflers
PSU Blue Type Plastic Muffler

Pneumatic Mufflers/Exhasusting Silencers

Pneumatic muffler/filters utilize porous sintered bronze directly bonded to nickel plated steel pipe thread fillings to diffuse air
and muffle noise from the exhausted ports or valves, cylinders and air tools.
These Units offer a combination of small size with the greatest possible sound deadening qualities to reduce exhaust noise
to acceptable levels within OHSA noise requirements.

In addition, these units are used as filters for gasoline, oil and air.
Standard unit contains a 40 micron element, and 20 or 90 micron units are available on special order.


Body Material Brass  
Element Material Sintered Bronze  
Working Pressure Range 150 PSI (10 Bar)  
Working Temperature Range 35?F~300?F (1.6?C ~ 149?C )
Model Thread(G) Total Length(mm)
PSU-M5 M5 18
PSU-06 G1/8" 41
PSU-08 G1/4" 64
PSU-10 G3/8" 84
PSU-15 G1/2" 94
PSU-20 G3/4"  
PSU-25 G1"