SS316L Union Reducer Connector -SSPG

Item No.: SSPG6-4/SSPG8-6/SSPG10-8/SSPG12-10
Stainless Steel Push In Fittings
SS316L Pneumatic Fittings
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Stainless Steel 316 Pneumatic Fittings- Union Reducer Connector SSPG


This is our new stainless steel fittings line. Suitable for all those applications where brass nickel-plated and acetal fittings are banned,
the new AISI 316L fitting is conceived to withstand corrosive environments (substances), to channel aggressive fluids and to be used
in the food and chemical industries. Stainless Steel fittings line is standard equipped with FPM seals that will assure endurance at the highest temperatures.
  • Quick connection and disconnection
  • Full 316L stainless steel material
  • FKM(Viton) o-ring sealing in all push in fittings
  • Applications: diary and milking machines, coffee machine, vending, Food&Beverage environment, Medical, Vacuum,
  • Potable water dispensing systems, ice cream dispensing equipment etc


Applicable Fluid Type Air, Water,Vacuum
Working Pressure Range -14 ~225 PSI -0.99~ 15 Bar
Working Temperature Range 5 ℉~428℉ -15℃~220℃
Vacuum Rating to 750mmHg
Recommanded Tubings PA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,PTFE,FEP
Applications Pneumatics, Food Industry, Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

SSPG Union Reducer Connector; metric tube size

Item Code Tube Size(MM)-Tube Size(MM)
SSPG 6-4 6-4
SSPG 8-6 8-6
SSPG 10-8 10-8
SSPG 12-10 12-10

SSPG-Union Reducer Connector; inch tube size
Item Code Tube Size(Inch)
SSPG 1/4-5/32 1/4-5/32
SSPG 5/16-1/4 5/16-1/4
SSPG 3/8-5/16 3/8-5/16
SSPG 1/2-3/8 1/2-3/8